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  1. (>*-*)>Advice for new 'Gold-makers"<(*-*<) A new start! Part 1 - Addons!

    Alright, I know I am going to jump ahead of myself here but this is such a commonly asked question all over WoW forums and on streams that I just have to answer it first. Let's talk about addons, which ones to get and the basics of them. Please keep in mind that I will be writing a very in depth guide for TSM where I will explain it so even someone who has never downloaded an addon can understand. This guide will only state brief descriptions and tutorials of the addons themselves. If you need LUA ...

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  2. (>*-*)>Advice for new 'Gold-makers"<(*-*<) A new start! Part 1 1/2 - Addons! Cont.

    1. Analyst
      Like Market Watcher and TSM this addon collects information of our wonderful virtual economy and sorts the data for your viewing pleasure. This is just another source of information for reference while dominating your server.
    2. Calculator
      If you haven't guess it by now, sometimes I get lazy and don't feel like doing anything outside of the game. That includes basic math. The addon just adds a calculator in game.
    3. Peddler
      I just found out about this little slice

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  3. {THE RETURN!} Update on future "Guide to Goldmaking for new players!"


    WOW! My last blog entry was 2013! Holy crap! I think it's time to update you guys on the future of these blog postings, huh?

    I started writing these guides to help new 'goldmakers' overcome the seemingly daunting task of stepping into the gold-making scene of World of Warcraft. I wrote each section so far with the vision that I was talking to someone who knew absolutely nothing about it, obviously some of you know quite a bit and I am not naive ...
  4. Gold Milestones!

    While I already have my own blog, Adventures in Skywall, it isn't really focused on my gold making. I thought I would compile a list with a few milestones I have accomplished since I decided to start making gold.

    December 25th, 2013: I finally finished my compete T3 set, and it was the best Christmas present I got! It cost me 161k total and took me 9 months to complete due to the items not showing up on BMAH.

    January 9th, 2014: I finally bought a pet I never thought ...

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  5. Transmogmarket Day 1

    So, this is the first day i am attempting to get myself into the Transmogmarket.

    The first thing i will do is to camp the AH to get my hands on good deals, this is what i will spend most of my time doing as of now. Since i dont have anything to sell right now, there is nothing else i can do. In time i will be the one setting the price on the market which will give me the gold instead of my competition.

    Patience is key. That is pretty much the big thing ive learnt from ...
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