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(>*-*)>Advice for new 'Gold-makers"<(*-*<) A new start! Part 1 - Addons!

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Alright, I know I am going to jump ahead of myself here but this is such a commonly asked question all over WoW forums and on streams that I just have to answer it first. Let's talk about addons, which ones to get and the basics of them. Please keep in mind that I will be writing a very in depth guide for TSM where I will explain it so even someone who has never downloaded an addon can understand. This guide will only state brief descriptions and tutorials of the addons themselves. If you need LUA help or specific advanced feature help for any addons then refer to the many YouTube videos posted.

*Gold-making does not rely on addons alone. Addons will not dramatically impact your gold making, they will only aid you in doing things faster and more efficiently. By no means do you need any addon to hit gold-cap or make gold. Some of these addons are more complicated than the others and require dedication when setting them up. Each addon will be posted in no specific order. The way they are posted and explained does not, by any means, help suggest it's priority over other addons. If one addon is more important than the others or impacts your game-play more than another I will say in the post.*


  • Auctionator
    -This addon is 1 of 2 of the most influencing addons for Auction House playing in World of Warcraft. This wonderful addition to the game allows you to do just about anything you want. Scan the AH and gather data, although the pool of data it gathers through it's scans tends to be a little low in my personal opinion, helps you post and gives you data to name a few. Many people know of the addon "auctioneer", Auctionator is a more lightweight version of Auctioneer and provides you with only the basics. No bean counter or any of the other seemingly useless additions to the addon itself. Auctionator also does something I provides you with easy to read and edit shopping lists. Now TSM also has a module for that(will cover TSM and modules later) but I, personally, prefer to use Auctionator due to it's simplicity. At any given time I can have 40 shopping lists and I am always editing them or deleting the markets I no longer wish to participate in and a simple interface makes it very easy to navigate and edit in.
  • Postal
    Ah, good ol' postal. This was the cream of the crop prior to the TSM mailbox module. This wonderful widget allows you to gather all of your mail in one swipe, essentially. This lightweight addon also provides some cool features like giving a sum of gold looted during that mailbox session once you back out, auto send features and a priority system looting mail. You can choose whether you want to loot just your gold, just your items or almost any other variant.
  • Sell Gray
    What do you think this addon does? Well it probably does exactly what you think it does. This sells gray items from your inventory on your character by adding an extra tab onto the vendor UI you can select it and it will automatically vendor the gray items. You can also select what kind of items you would like to sell (gray/white/green/blue/purple etc). This might not seem like it would impact your gold-making, however this allows you to DE-clutter your inventory as quickly as possible by taking away the tedious task of searching for all the grays. However in the new updated WoD blizzard bags UI they have added a small gold coin icon above every gray/white item that you can vendor with no potential negative impact to your character. I'm still lazy so I still enjoy this addon.
  • Market Watcher
    Yet another misleading addon title, right? Just kidding - this title is exactly what it sounds like. It gathers information from the auction house and stores it in a small database inside the addon. What's really cool about this particular addon is, unlike TSM, you can select specific markets to have the addon watch. So if your main market is the glyph market, and your side or secondary market is battle pets, you can select 'Market Watcher' to collect data from the battle pet market while you dominate in your main market. This helps in more ways than you may think. Once you expand your inventory, which will indeed happen overtime, you get into other markets and things tend to slip your mind. I can't tell you how many times I forget to check going prices for certain items before posting in the market only to find out that I lost 60% of my projected profit on said item.
  • Trade Forwarder
    Alright, there is nothing that gets to me more in gold making than missing a good deal when I am out and about in the World of Warcraft. I don't always spend my time in major cities /camping the auction house and do what seems like mindless running between the Auctioneer and the mailbox. I do enjoy going and doing other things in the game. This addon forwards trade chat into your chat log no matter where you are at. It's really nice to have if you are looking for a specific deal on an item or just looking for a specific item. Now the catch with this addon is that you can not chat in /2 if you are not in a city or place where /2 is supposed to be accessible.
  • Master Plan
    THIS ADDON. THIS ADDON RIGHT HERE. THIS ADDON IS SENT STRAIGHT FROM THE GNOME GODS OF WOW. With the implementation of 'player housing' in Warlords of Draenor it brought to table many things and one of those things was a clunky feeling UI. If you had 20 followers out on missions it would take you 5 minutes to loot and complete them once the missions are done. This addon allows you to complete all missions with literally one click! Another amazing feature is the fact that it shows you what comp is best for that mission. It also shows which follower composition is best for experience-per-hour gains and so on and so forth. This addon is literally a must have for every single current WoW player.
  • TUJ In Game Addon
    The ever-famous website now has an in game addon! TUJ(theunderminejournal) is a website that takes bits and pieces of the auction house database from each server in each region and posts what it can to a neat little website. It shows you great deals, average prices for servers for certain items, frequently posted items and many more.
  • TradeSkillMaster
    Here we go. I knew this was going to come sooner or later. Let's be clear here, I am not going to do a full in-depth explanation on this addon right now. It can be a very overwhelming addon for a lot of people and its a very dense tool in gold making. This is pretty much a gold makers lively hood anymore. It allows us to group together items in our inventory and post them with one click. It allows us to run undercut scans at lightening speed, white/blacklist players in the market, group buy items, lists profitability on crafted items in the professions tab, lists profit gains and losses over a certain period of time, lists liquid gold earned and looted from the AH, shows us who our main competition is in markets, gives us Auction House logs, gives us a nice database to view previous sales and pending sales along with a tracking option for purchases. Like I said it's kind of a one stop shop for gold making. This addon relies on the use of little things called 'modules'. These 'modules' are addons for tsm, if that makes sense. They are all made for specific parts of gold making. Think of them like button facade (or masque) skins for bartender/domino's You download them all separately. Without modules TSM does nothing. It doesn't show anything in game and doesn't do anything in game. TSM core relies on it's modules to work properly. Please continue to look for my TSM written guide where I will explain this addon in very easy to understand steps.
  • Gold Cap
    Once you reach a certain point in gold making you find out that there is a gold cap to your characters. Once you reach the gold cap this addon will automatically forward the gold gained from any item sales to another character of your choosing. There has been times when I forget to look at my gold and realize I am capped so I leave sales sit in my mailbox for weeks.
  • Going Price - WoWHead
    So this isn't a must have for the average gold maker by any means, however, this is a great addon if you wish to get reassurance on price for an item that might not be currently listed on your servers auction house. This takes the item from WoWhead's database and posts it in game so you don't have to alt tab or look over to your other monitor. This is yet another addon for lazy people, like ME!
  • Currency Sorter
    Just a simple addon that sorts the currency tab. Makes me feel better knowing I can move them around. Nothing really to do with gold making but just something I think is pretty neat. However if you are physically farming mobs this could come in handy so you can sort your currency by which zone you are in at the current time.
  • BMAH Scanner
    Sends information from your server's Black Market Auction House to a database so it can be collected and averaged/posted. It doesn't directly impact you or your gold making but it helps out others and in the long run it may be able to help you. This addon is still in development last time I heard so there may be bugs or changes to the addon itself.

This rest of the addon guide will be continued in a part 2 due to character limits in blogs here on

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