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    The Inscription Shuffle!

    Hey guy's,

    I'm here bringing to you what some have called the inscription shuffle. Much like the ore shuffle but using Herbs instead.

    The basic's of the shuffle is to Buy herb's at a price for 15-20g(that's what i prefer) Mill them, Craft inks, then turn Ink's into shoulder enchants, Vendor lesser enchants.

    The non basic:
    1. Buy herbs for 15-20g
    2. Mill all herbs into pigments
    3. Craft pigments into inks
    4. Craft Ink of dreams into [Secret Crane Wing Inscription] or any other "Secret" shoulder enchants
    5. Craft [Starlight Ink] into any of the Greater Shoulder enchants that are profitable I.E [Greater Tiger Claw Inscription]
    6. Vendor the [Secret Crane Wing Inscription] and sell on AH the Greater shoulder enchants

    the way this works is that the Bop shoulder enchants vendor for 18g 75s in mop, which is pretty damn good if you can get herbs for around the same price.

    the reason i maxed at 20g is that most herbs give roughly 5-7 pigmets per stack which after a while adds up to alot. each ink takes 2 pigments, each enchant takes 3 inks.

    Currently im using this dealfinding lists along with the TSM External App for getting cheap herbs.
    To import this list please follow: Importing TSM dealfinding lists

    Cheer's Sw


    This method will be nerfed in 5.3 so it will no longer be viable.

    Secret Crane Wing Inscription
    Have dropped from 18g 75s -> 1g 87s 50c vendor price.

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    Sir, that shuffle is brilliant. Getting herb stacks for 15ish gold is kinda uncommon on my server tho but I'll be sure to "test" it then opoertunity strikes

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    "each ink takes 2 pigments" don't they require 3 pigments to make an ink?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Barnofrog View Post
    "each ink takes 2 pigments" don't they require 3 pigments to make an ink?
    Nope, each in takes 2 pigments.

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    How do you get the TSM external app Deal Notification to work? Everything else is working except that, since you mentioned the external app thought id ask

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    Haha wow, not sure what I was thinking when I said an ink takes 3 pigments

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    I'm breaking even with stacks up to 31g on this by just vendoring the inscription specific crafts, so I'm still left all the starlight ink, currently I'm sitting on a net gold loss of ~7g but stocked up on 43 starlight ink, which will turn into $$ soon enough. Thanks for the shuffle ^^

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    Does this still work in 5.2?

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    Yes, it should always work as long as the herb prices are bought low.

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    I always buy every herb if the stack is under 30g/each

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