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    Ghost iron ore still "working"?

    Hey there!
    I have been away from the whole gold making for a couple of months now as I got what I wanned. (spectral tiger and magic rooster).
    After that I just played casually for a while. But now I want to make some gold again!

    I was playing on Auchindoun-EU Alliance. It was and is a pretty low server.
    So, I used to write down all of my profits from the point when I bought the ore to the point where I got all of my stuff sold. Back then i had a profit of roughly 340%. Thats when I got the ore for like 15g a stack. (this was in patch 5,2 when the bots were crazy).

    Later on after the ban wave I didnt make quite as much as the ghost iron ore price raised, but i made 60-80% (in addition of the gold i spent on the ore).This was in patch 5.3

    After all of this I transfered to Twisting Nether Horde. and that brings me to today. I bought ore for 6k and I was going to see how much profit i would make. So I prospected it all and did the whole shuffe. And i just got all of my stuff sold and the profit was suprisingly low, 29.2%. I got pretty much exactly 8000 gold out of it, thats only 1800 gold profit for almost 2 hours of work not counting the time it takes to post auctions. So thats 900 gold an hour if you wanna look on it that way. I mean, i can farm ores and sell them as they are for more gold than that.

    So! I wanna hear about your past and current profits. Do you guys have the same drastic changes as me or is it pretty much the same as you have allways earned?
    Are you still doing the shuffle or do you think its too low profit? Tell me everything!

    Thanks for your time for reading this and i hope you can give me a response :)

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    That profit margin is a little on the low side for me but your results are not too far off. It's really important that you not overpay for your ore in the first place. On my server, I need my ore to be at 65g per stack as the absolute to mark but I prefer to stay under 60g. If you want to further your profits, look at further breaking down the shuffle with the use of enchanting or alchemy to make even more gold. If you have not done so, i would recommend establishing a relationship with an ore farmer and tell them you would happily buy 100+ stacks a day. You can make some real gold with that volume!

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    Tell me everything!


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