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    Small - Salvage Yard, Profession 1, Profession 2
    Medium - Lunarfall Inn, Barn
    Large - Barracks, Dwarven Bunker
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    The Outdoorsman:

    Salvage Yard, Tannery, Engineering Works, Trading Post, Barn, Stables, Barracks

    The owner of this garrison is the account's vacuum cleaner: Herb/Skinning/Trapper/Pet Battler. The Tannery is for extra work orders to back up Leatherworking on another character, the Works to slowly build Engineering pets (the follower knows the recipes). The Tavern is for resource trading, the Barn for trapping, and Stables for what I hope are account-wide mounts. The Barracks and Salvage yard is to support follower missions on the side.

    The mostly-AFK Cooldown Stacker:

    Salvage Yard, Alchemy Lab, Gem Boutique, Tavern, Trading Post, Barracks, War Mill

    This was an idea for stacking up on Alchemy/Jewelcrafting alts to collect multiple daily quest rewards. As the character is likely to be relatively inactive, the rest of the garrison is set up for maximizing follower missions. (Although given the recent changes to the Alchemy recipes, those Labs may be swapped out for something else.)

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    Small - Salvage Yard, Gear Crafting Profession, Enchanter's Study
    Medium - Frostwall Tavern, Barn
    Large - Barracks, War Mill

    This is the layout I plan to use for my main - Prot Paladin. I'm probably going to go with Mining/Blacksmithing, but I'm not sure the extra yield from mining will be enough to make it worth it, so it'll probably end up with Enchanting/Blacksmithing (with one of my alts focusing on Alchemy to pump out flasks for my main).

    Possible Changes:

    I may end up swapping the War Mill for Stables (yay mount speed) or Spirit Lodge (yay teleporting) as I'm not sure how valuable the War Mill will be once I've geared up myself and my followers (seeing as the gold cost for Seals doesn't look too prohibitive).

    Might toss the Barn in favor of the Trading Post. Auctioneer and Resource to Trade good trades seems pretty good. Trapping stuff for a chance at getting Savage Blood sounds like a lot of work. I'd rather spend my time making gold so I can just buy them.

    Salvage Yard, depending on how valuable the stuff in the crates will be and how frequently I can get them. Dunno what I'd replace it with though. Maybe Engineering so I can get Loot-a-rang? JC so I can just post up lesser gems to the AH? Alch lab to funnel lesser flasks to my main Alchemist? Maaybe storehouse. But it seems kind of overrated.

    Also, I expect to have Talonpriest Ishaal as my bodyguard for dat mobile mail for dat gold-on-the-go. So Engineering building might be out.

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