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    Upgrading Garrison Buildings to Level 3

    Upgrading Garrison Buildings to Level 3: In order to unlock and be able to purchase the final level of each building you must complete its required achievement. Once the Blueprint is unlocked through the achievement you can purchase it for 1,000 Gold from Sparz Boltwist in your Town Hall. Level 2 Blueprints can also be purchased from her for 750 - 1,500 Gold. You seem to be also able to purchase them from a vendor in Ashran using Outpost Building Assembly Notes you receive while questing/leveling, I'm not entirely familiar on the details though.

    • Upgrading The Mill - Place 75 Work Orders at the Lumber Mill and complete the quests listed below. (Reward: Unlocks Lumber Mill Level 3 Blueprint)
    • Salvaging Pays off - Open 100 pieces of Salvage from missions. (Reward: Unlocks Salvage Yard Level 3 Blueprint)
    • The Bone Collector - Collect Broken Bones from other players in Player vs Player combat across Draenor. (Reward: Unlocks Gladiator's Sanctum Level 3 Blueprint)
    • Finding Your Waystones - Loot 500 Ogre Waystones. (Reward: Unlocks Mage Tower Level 3 Blueprint)
    • Terrific Technology - Use all of the inventions available a the Workshop specified below. (Reward: Unlocks Gnomish Gearworks Level 3 Blueprint)
    • Stay Awhile And Listen - Complete all of the Inn quests listed below. (Reward: Unlocks Inn Level 3 Blueprint)
    • Patrolling Draenor - Complete 50 garrison patrol missions. (Reward: Unlocks Barracks Level 3 Blueprint)
    • Got My Mind On My Draenor Money - Loot 10,000 gold in Draenor. (Reward: Unlocks Storehouse Level 3 Blueprint)
    • Master Trapper - Place 125 Work Orders at the Barn by trapping creatures in the world. (Reward: Unlocks Barn Level 3 Blueprint)
    • Savage Friends - Earn Exalted status with 3 Draenor reputations. (Reward: Unlocks Trading Post Level 3 Blueprint)
    • Filling The Ranks - Raise 20 garrison followers to level 100. (Reward: Unlocks Dwarven Bunker Level 3 Blueprint)
    • Master Of Mounts - Fully train all six mounts in your stable. (Reward: Unlocks Stables Level 3 Blueprint)
    • Draenic Pet Battler - Win 500 pet battles in Draenor. (Reward: Unlocks Pet Menagerie Level 3 Blueprint)
    • Draenic Seed Collector - Collect 500 Draenic Seeds. (Reward: Unlocks Herb Garden Level 3 Blueprint)
    • Draenic Stone Collector - Collect 500 Draenic Stones. (Reward: Unlocks Lunarfall Excavation Level 3 Blueprint)
    • Draenor Angler - Complete the Angler achievements listed below [Basically fish up 100 of each Draenor fish]. (Reward: Unlocks Fishing Shack Level 3 Blueprint)
    • Working More Orders - Complete 250 Work Orders at your garrison. (Reward: Unlocks all 8 profession building Level 3 Blueprints)

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