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    GGG: George's Garrison Guide

    This is George's Garrison Guide. I am primarily a gold maker, but I also raid sometimes. I don't PvP and I don't do Battle Pets, so I won't really be covering any of that in this guide. If you have questions about them, feel free to ask and I'll do my best to answer. I am catching up on anything new and make updates as I go. Take a look at the change log at the bottom to see what's being updated.

    Most everything is complete as of 11/3.


    I plan to make edits to everything below later on, but I need to put this up at the top so everyone can see it.

    There have been lots of changes since launch. Some of the information below may be misleading or even wrong. So here's hopefully a summary of what I plan to change below:

    Garrison build recommendations
    • In the "leveling build", get Trading Post 1 instead of Lumber Mill 1
    • Make the herb garden and garden 2 higher priority
    • Make Salvage Yard lower priority
    • Don't replace Trading Post with Barn (Barn isn't really worth it imo)
    • Full build should be War Mill, Barracks - Tavern/Inn, Trading Post - Salvage Yard, Gear Crafting, Money Maker

    Alt Army recommendations stay true. You'll notice that the alt build is stunningly similar to the main build. There's a reason

    Work Order output is no longer affected by follower quality and level. Instead, you get double yield from work orders. If you would normally get 1 BOP item without a follower, you'll now get 2. Nice and easy. Throw your profession followers into a building ASAP, regardless of level.

    Profession Observations (server dependent)
    • Ore is kind of useless right now and probably will stay that way unless they put prospecting back in for JC.
    • Herbs rock
    • Glyphs rock
    • Enchants rock
    • LW/BS is ok
    • Gems are meh (jewelry is ok)
    • Tailoring is meh
    • No clue on Engineering, but I hear it's also meh

    So if anything, I recommend Inscription and Enchanting. And then learn how to flip stuff.


    Note that there is a TON of information in here. The major sections are as follows:

    • FAQ
    • Lazy Raider TL;DR
    • Quick List for Gold Makers and Better Raiders - MAINS
    • Before You Start
    • Getting Started
    • Followers
    • Bodyguards
    • Missions
    • Professions (in progress)

    FAQ / Important STUFF

    Quote Originally Posted by Whytefyre View Post
    IMPORTANT! Make sure you finish the Frostfire Ridge questlines up to and completing the garrison invasion BEFORE you upgrade your garrison to level 3!! The quest is bugged at level 3 and I am now unable to complete it (did manage to start it by doing it with a friend at his lv 2 garrison) , effectively locking me out of doing invasions and finishing the FFR questlines.
    What are the best professions for making gold in WoD?

    It's too early to tell. The best prep you can do though is make sure you have enough alts to cover every profession. If you're willing to take the time to learn your market and watch for trends and opportunities, what I suggest won't matter.

    If you want "quick and easy" gold, then get Mining, Herbalism, Cooking, Fishing, and Alchemy. Make sure you have an Enchanter's Study, Barn, and Fishing/Mine/Garden on any character you plan to play with any regularity. With this setup, you can sell ANY or all of the following:

    • Mining: True Iron and Blackrock Ore
    • Herbalism: Draenor herbs (including Chameleon Lotus)
    • Fishing: Draenor fish
    • Alchemy: Potions and low level flasks
    • Enchanter's Study: Draenic Dust, Luminous Shard, Fractured Temporal Crystal
    • Cooking: Any food you can make with fish and meat from barn
    • Sell leather from barn

    What should I build on my alt army?

    I'm a big fan of a Follower focus, which will rely on Salvage Yard, Enchanter's Study, Inn/Tavern, and Barracks. Essentially, you keep your followers on missions all the time and then DE loot you can't use. This build works BEST at 100, since you can get the level 3 tavern and a war mill for faster follower gearing.

    However, I strongly recommend actually going with Prof 1 (your money maker) Level 2 + Prof 2 Level 2 / Salvage Yard 2 (Salvage Yard is better if your second profession is Engineering, Enchanting, or a gathering profession) for small plots, then Trading Post 1 for medium plot (allows trading Garrison Resources for crafting resources via a trader, and the other way around via work orders), and then a Barracks 1 for your large plot (Patrol missions mostly). This variation requires level 96, but lets you balance profession CDs and your follower rewards. Keep in mind that if you have a friend with an Enchanter's Study, you can visit their garrison by being in a party with them as a leader, and disenchant your soulbound items using THEIR building.

    I do NOT recommend a barn on alts that you don't want to play much. Having a barn does not guarantee Savage Blood. You have to go out and trap elite beasts for a CHANCE to get a Savage Blood. I only recommend a Barn for mains and alts that you will go out and do stuff with.

    Are garrisons required for raiding?

    No, not at all. Following the questline in Frostfire Ridge will give you everything you need to start the Legendary Quest and gather Apexis Crystals for gear. If you want to log in for raid and log out after, you don't need a garrison. Keep in mind, however, that not having a garrison will make it very challenging to use your professions. It's not impossible, but it's slow. Also, expect to spend A LOT of gold, or have very generous guild mates. Because the garrisons are required for making high level food, flasks, and gems.


    1. Finish the Jungle questline and then finish the "The Home of the Frostwolves" questline.

    2. Get level 100.

    3. Buy pots/flasks/enchants/gems/gear from the AH.

    Quick List for Gold Makers and Better Raiders - MAINS

    1. Make sure you have a well geared 90 as your main. One profession should be your gear crafting profession, the other is up to you. I recommend Engineering or Alchemy.

    2. Finish the Jungle questline and then finish the "The Home of the Frostwolves" questline. This will give you your Tier 1 Garrison and Level 1 Barracks.

    3. Finish the "Ga'nar's Vengeance" questline, through "To the Garrison".

    4. Upgrade your garrison to Tier 2 and build your gear crafting building and Lumber Mill 1.

    5. Keep leveling until somewhere between 95 and 96, then go replace your Barracks with a War Mill and build your mine.

    6. Level to 100.

    7. Build everything else.

    8. Make sure you always have Work Orders queued in all buildings.

    9. Send out your followers on missions all the time.

    10. When you get a follower with a profession perk up to 100, then leveled to Epic, put them in a profession building.

    Build Order

    While Leveling:
    • Level 91
    • Garrison 1 (Free) / Barracks 1 (Free)
    • Level 92
    • Garrison 2 (200GR)
    • Gear Crafting Profession 1 (50GR+150g) / Lumber Mill 1 (100GR+150g)
    • Level 95 - 96
    • Mine 1 (50GR) / War Mill 1 (150GR+150g) (Replace Barracks)

    Those are the major priorities. Buildings on the same line you can build in any order, but you'll want to have both finished before you move onto the next. You want to get your gear crafting building quickly so you can start getting a few work orders through for bop items, lumber mill to start the GR work orders. Some time during Talador / early Spires of Arak, you'll want to go back, build your mine and replace the Barracks for a War Mill. The War Mill will be VERY important for quest reward upgrade chances during Nagrand. After you finish those, you'll want to build and upgrade according to this priority:

    • Garrison 3 (2000GR+5000g)
    • Salvage Yard 1 (50GR+150g) / Gear Crafting Profession 2 (100GR+300g) / Barracks 1 (??)
    • Salvage Yard 2 (100GR+300g) / Garden 1 (50GR) / Fishing Hut 1 (50GR)
    • Mine 2 (50GR+300g) / Other Profession/JC/Alch/Ench 1 (50GR+150g)
    • Frostwall Tavern 1 (100GR+150g) / War Mill 2 (900GR+300g)
    • Frostwall Tavern 2 (300GR+300g) / Replace Lumber Mill with Barn 1 (100GR+150g)
    • Other Prof 2 (100GR+300g) / Barn 2 (300GR+300g)
    • TOTAL: 4170GR and 8750g (including costs for buildings above)

    Here's what a completed Tier 3 garrison with full level 2 building looks like:

    Note that this build order does not show upgrade order for Level 3 buildings, as those are unlocked based on completing certain achievements. The fastest way to unlock these level 3 buildings is to have separate buildings on different alts, since when you unlock the blueprint for any level 3 building, you get access to it to any alts with a Tier 3 garrison.

    Before You Start

    There are three MAJOR things you have to worry about as both a gold maker and a raider - Get to level 100. Get your garrison to tier 3. Level and gear your followers and send them on missions whenever possible.

    You should also have at least 4 alts up to level 100 as well. If you're a hardcore raider, you'll have these anyway and should treat them like your main with different professions (garrison choices will affect personal loot and won't impact any gear funnels in raid). If you're a hardcore gold maker, you'll have these anyway because profession CDs are OP. Well, sad to say, but I don't think they'll be quite as OP in Warlords.

    I believe it's best to have your gold making alts up to at LEAST level 96, as this gives you access to a Tier 2 Garrison, Level 2 blueprints for small buildings, Mine, Fishing Shack, and Herb Garden. You can stop there and just have Prof 1 + Prof 2 / Trading Post / Barracks + resource buildings. That's a solid setup and requires minimal maintenance (work orders, profession cds, harvesting herbs/ore). Level your alts to 100 when you have nothing else to do - 96 is plenty.

    Nearly every profession relies on BoP crafting items similar to the Balanced Trillium Ingot in MoP. And there doesn't appear to be a CD bypass mechanic with Spirits of War this time either. Which means you HAVE to know how garrisons work in order to get maximum yield out of your materials and maximum PROFIT.


    Before we get started, I'm going to assume you have the following: at least one level 90 character with decent gear (No, that 483 gear you get from boosting is not decent gear), two professions (best two would be gear crafting and Inscription/Alchemy/Enchanting/Engineering) with a skill level of at least 1, and hopefully two or three level 90 alts with some semblance of gear (ideally, with DIFFERENT professions than your main). If you don't have alts, that's fine. They aren't required, they just speed up some of the process. My general setup is something like this:

    Main - Paladin (Plate) - Blacksmithing, Alchemy
    Alt - Mage (Cloth) - Tailoring, Enchanting
    Alt - Warlock (Cloth) - Engineering, Inscription
    Alt - Druid (Leather) - Jewelcrafting, Leatherworking

    I also have a DK that might stay BS/Enchanting, depending on how that runs. And then I have another druid for Mining/Herbalism (Tauren Druids make best herbalists). On that note, I don't know how valuable gathering professions will be in WoD. Any character can gather from their own garden/mine, but I suspect that this amount won't be nearly enough to satisfy requirements for crafting (maybe they will cover work orders).

    So it comes back to that old question of farm it yourself or pay someone to farm for you (directly or through AH). However, if you get significantly more ore in your mine from having the profession, then that might be reason enough for me to try to farm up some myself. I'm playing this by ear, but I suspect that ore and herbs will be very cheap, since ANY character can farm them (assuming they have the mine/garden plots), even if they don't need it. Which is a great thing for the economy. Gives more gold to players who don't play the AH. Which means they have more gold to spend

    As of 11/2, I am planning on having a character with mining/herbalism to see if there is better yield with the skill, but don't plan to farm outside of the garrison. If the yield does not improve significantly, I won't spend the time on farming.

    Getting Started

    So, first things first. You want to get your BUTT down to the Blasted Lands. Why? Because that's where the WoD questline starts! So do the Dark Portal STUFF, talk to Archmage Khadgar, and take the next quest. Kill some STUFF. Blow up some STUFF. Enter Gul'dan's prison. Blow up more STUFF. Turn in your quest, then hustle over to the next waypoint to turn in another one. Take all the quests you see in this next area, and complete them all. Then blah blah blah. Just follow the game. It's hard to get lost. Kill a bunch more STUFF, skip cinematics because they're a waste of time, do more quests, and then a couple more. After about 20 minutes, you should be done with the jungle snoozefest and get on a boat.

    WAKE UP!

    Holy STUFF, we're in Frostfire Ridge now. About STINKING time. Now, just do this questline:

    And hey, after you skip that cinematic, you'll have a garrison suddenly appear. Woo. So now you have some more dumb quests to do (if you figured out the pattern of the links above, you'll notice that the next quests are in the same series). Eventually, you'll get to the part where it tells you to go grab the Barracks blueprints. Learn them like any other recipe. And then you build your Barracks. Yay. A couple more quests, and you'll get a follower and send them on a mission.

    Now, if you only have gathering professions, or worse, you don't have professions at all, you're bad. Delete your character, create a new level 1, grab some real professions, then start all over again. But in all seriousness, you should have at least one of your professions be your gear crafting profession. If you don't know what it is, it's probably Leatherworking.

    Anyway, so now you want to go level. Go get to level 92 real quick.


    Are you level 92 now? Great. You should have enough garrison resources to upgrade to a tier 2 garrison. Good for you. Now go upgrade your garrison to Tier 2, do some mission STUFF if you want. Start building your gear crafting building and your lumber mill. They'll take some time to build, so go level while you wait for an hour.

    Buildings done? Great. Start work orders. Now you have FOUR HOURS. Go level until you're 95ish (near the end of Talador / start of Spires), then go back and build your mine and War Mill. Go level some more.

    Holy STUFF, you should be 100 by now.

    So what now? Build stuff! Upgrade stuff! Spend gold and garrison resources! I recommend following the build order I have at the top of the guide as it puts into consideration the cost of the upgrade and the overall benefit of the upgrade. I may tweak it over time, but I suspect it won't change much unless I find some ridiculously overpowered building comp that I haven't heard of yet.

    Now, in case you didn't know yet, there are a couple ways to get garrison resources. There's the Garrison Cache (in various locations at your garrison depending on tier), you get them from killing really big guys with important names, you get them from quest rewards, and you get them from mission rewards.

    And if you didn't know how to make gold, well, you're on the right website. I'll let Elvine help with that part

    So you're building your buildings, upgrading buildings, and just kind of waiting around, right? Well, that's dumb. Because you have more to do. First, if you have buildings that don't have any work orders in progress, you're bad. They're so easy to setup. If you don't have enough materials, spend a few minutes in your mine or herb garden. You don't need mining or herbalism to farm stuff on your own garrison. Read the Work Orders/CDs section for more specific info.

    Next, once work orders are taken care of, you'll want to farm followers. Because most likely, it will take a fair bit of time to get to Tavern Level 2 according to my build order. But that's ok, because Lumber Mill is far more important in early stages.

    So you need followers, huh? Well, great, look what section is next!


    So there are these people you can recruit to go do quests for you and STUFF. Like battle pets - but actually cool. Anyway, they have levels (currently 90 to 100) and a "rarity" (Unc/Rare/Epic). When a non-epic follower reaches level 100, they start earning experience towards becoming epic. Also, each follower will need gear, but it's pretty straight forward. When they hit 100, they get ilvl 600 gear. They can go on missions for a chance for 615. Then once they're 615, they have a chance for 630, etc etc. One weapon, and one "armor", so nothing too crazy.

    • Uncommon Followers have one ability and one trait.
    • Rare Followers gain an additional ability OR trait (the ability will be for their class, trait is random)
    • Epic followers have two abilities and three traits.

    Abilities are combat-themed and can counter mission specific threats. For example, a follower with the ability Blink will have a higher success chance on missions with [Danger Zones] (compared to a follower of equal gear/rarity without that ability).

    Traits are random for each follower, and can be things like Beastslayer or Ally of Argus. Followers can also have Profession traits so you can assign them to that profession building to unlock special abilities, additional yield from work orders, and other benefits. (Side note, putting a follower with a Blacksmithing trait in a level 2 forge gives access to a perk that prevents durability loss on weapons/armor for four hours. So that could be useful for raiders)

    If you have a level 2 Frostwall Tavern, you can recruit a random follower each week with a specified ability or trait. This can be helpful to fill in gaps in your current team, or if you are trying to rush a profession follower. However, keep in mind that there are some followers that can be attained from quests/achievements with at least one pre-defined ability or trait, so take a look at some of the possible followers (it doesn't look like you can sort by ability right now though)

    But I'll make it easy for you and put down a list of followers who are guaranteed to have a profession perk and where to get them.

    Alchemy Mulverick Mulverick's Plight
    Blacksmithing Weaponsmith Na'Shral Smeltcraft
    Enchanting Ahm Dying Wish
    Engineering Kimzee Pinchwhistle Flame On
    Herbalism Shadow Hunter Rala The Real Prey
    Inscription Benjamin Gibb Three Feet Under
    Jewelcrafting Olin Umberhide Winds of Change (Note, this is one of first quests you get, so I think it's impossible to miss this guy)
    Leatherworking Ka'la Gronnlings Abound
    Mining Lantresor of the Blade Challenge of the Masters
    Skinning Goldmane the Skinner Feline Friends Forever
    Tailoring Pleasure-Bot 8000 Clear!

    Special Followers

    Note that some followers have a chance to be upgraded to a higher quality just by joining your garrison.


    Kind of a tangent, but I feel that it's important to mention the value of a bodyguard (of which there are only five possible). Essentially, if you get one of these five followers and assign them to a level 2 or higher Barracks, they will follow you around Draenor and help you fight. They will still need to be leveled via missions (unlike other pets), but they will have a "relationship experience" bar similar to Friendship with members of the Tillers. After killing 1000 monsters together (10 rep per), they will become a Wingman (level 2 bodyguard). This means that they get a cool ability (not sure if this will be like a pet ability where you choose when to cast it, or it's just an ability they can use sometimes) .

    Note that Blizzard got lazy and decided to use the same follower ID for both Vivianne (H) / Delvar (A) and Aeda Brightdawn (H) / Defender Illona (A). So they're "technically" the same follower, but they have different abilities depending on faction. Choices:

    But that's not the especially cool part... When you earn another 10k rep (1000 more monsters), you unlock the level 3 perks:

    Leorajh Leorajh Perk: Windspeaker Now you can manage your missions during raid!
    Tormmok Tormmok Perk: Master of Arms Repair your STUFF gear cause you died too much, baddie.
    Talonpriest Ishaal Ishaal Perk: Courier Raven Collect gold from the AH during raid without an engineer.
    Vivianne (H) Vivianne Perk: Portal: Garrison FORGET you mages. Don't need you.
    Delvar (A) Delvar Perk: Death Gate FORGET you mages. Don't need you.
    Aeda Brightdawn (H) Aeda Perk: Ritual of Summoning FORGET you locks. Don't need you.
    Defender Illona (A) FORGET you locks. Don't need you.

    So that's exciting. Lots of potential utility. Something to keep an eye on when expac hits. I'm probably going to go with Talonpriest Ishaal, cause I love checking my mail to get dat gold.


    Missions are pretty cool. Essentially, you pick a mission, assign (a) follower(s) to it, then click "Start Mission". Some missions need only one person, some require 3. The quality, level, and gear of your follower increases chances of success (in addition to mission threat counters and relevant traits). It appears that missions accumulate in your log over a week, so it doesn't look like there will be any missions that you have like a "2 hour time limit" to complete a particular mission. This is important because some missions are considered "Rare" missions that have a chance to bring back gear for you or your follower. Gear received this way will be one bump higher than the ilvl of the mission (615 -> 630, 630 -> 645, 645 -> "Special"). The "Special" loot will be gear one difficulty higher than what you're currently raiding. If you're doing mythic, you'll get an additional 1k gold.

    So you've got these followers, right? And they need gear, right? Right. Get a salvage yard. Having one at level 2 or higher will cause missions to generate a Crate of Salvage. This gives you access to either a new armor set/weapon, or an armor/weapon upgrade token (3 possible tokens for +3/6/9 ilvl boosts). Pretty easy, pretty straight forward. You shouldn't worry much about that part.

    For experience, you just have to run missions. Everyone in the mission gets experience, even if you fail (but don't fail, cause success means more exp/gold/resources/loot/whatever). And yes, you can run through missions with two epic 100s and a lowbie follower that you're trying to carry. But that lowbie won't gain full experience if he is a lower level than the boss. The best experience (and chance for bonus loot) will be provided if all followers are one level higher (or ilvl +1, if follower is level 100). If your follower is 3 levels below the boss, you get 0 experience, abilities and traits don't count, and no other buffs will be active. Which is bad. Don't do that. Don't be bad.

    There are several types of missions. Having a level 1 or higher Barracks unlocks Patrol missions. These provide extra experience, so you'll want to send your lower followers on these. The level 3 Tavern unlocks Treasure Hunter missions that provide extra gold. Then, for level 100 followers, there are Item Level missions, which provide gear.

    There's tons of STUFF you can get as a mission reward. Currencies like:

    Follower related:
    • Early missions give a follower as a reward
    • Armor Enhancement Token and Weapon Enhancement Token to gear up your followers
    • Follower Re-training Certificate - Tons of situations you could use this in. Like a follower, but not his abilities/traits? Missing an ability/trait in your current team? Bored cause your follower team is OP as STUFF and want something STUFFIER? You get the idea.
    • Supreme Manual of Dance - While mostly a joke, this allows you to set up a epic follower that counters 3x mission threats rather than just two from abilities. The Dancer trait counters Danger Zones, so you should give it to a follower who can't otherwise counter it (looks like Warlock/Death Knight/Paladin followers would be a good fit here)

    And then a bunch of other things:

    Also, for fun, here's a spreadsheet of all the missions with their level/ilvl, duration, exp, and counters. Page 3 of that spreadsheet also shows the list of Follower abilities and what they counter, so that's neat. I would go into details about the "ideal" follower team (of 20 or 25, depending on if you have level 3 Barracks), but this would be kind of a waste of time, since there are so many possible combinations that would work well, and the RNG nature of ability assignment. My only suggestion for building your team would be to make sure you have at least one ability to counter every threat, and make sure to only go on Missions that have a 100% chance of success. If you're ok with risk, then do what you want. You'll still get experience, but you won't get bonus loot.

    Work Orders/CDs

    Most buildings in the garrison allows you to submit work orders. Essentially, you pay a small number of raw materials to submit the order, then four hours later, you get the output in a nearby chest. For Alchemy, you spend 5x Frostweed to get 1-2 Alchemical Catalyst, (1 without follower, 2 with). So you should focus on getting a follower with the matching profession trait assigned to a building as quickly as you can.

    Work orders are currently processed one at a time, and take 4 hours to complete. A level 1 profession building can queue up 7 work orders at once, level 2 - 14, and level 3 - 21. With a Storehouse, you can have additional work orders in the queue, up to a max of 36 (or 6 days worth of work orders). I'm not sure how valuable this building will be, but we'll see.

    Here is a link to each of the work order input and outputs.

    Most professions also have two major daily CDs. The first is for "Secrets of Draenor ", which is a currency used to purchase recipes (once all recipes are purchased, you can use these to buy a small pouch of coins). The minor level profession items use 1 Secret, while the major ones require 5+. Looks like the item upgrades cost 15 secrets. The strategy here might be to use the first three secrets to learn the recipes for the three crafted pieces of gear you plan to use (with a priority of Weapon > Chest/Legs/Helm > Shoulders/Gloves), and then save up for gear upgrades.

    The second daily CD is for your BoP materials. These CDs yield 4-10 of the mat, depending on your profession skill level (4 at 1-599, 5 at 600, 10 at 700. But these numbers may change). Each of these have a chance to yield Sorcerous materials, which appear to be the new motes/primals.

    Also, kind of related, here's a neat picture of a spreadsheet I made to calculate the best deal for the Trading Post. It uses a CSV export from WoWuction to see what the best item to buy from the current TP trader. Planning to expand to add estimated value of crafted goods for each profession. Just a tease for you guys

    Rambling about Gearing

    So I put this in just as an after-thought based on answers I gave to other comments. I'll expand this later to be a little more organized, but it'll have to wait till after I finish the professions.


    If you want gear longevity with the lowest cost, then yes. Grab the Shoulders / Gloves / Boots. If you want the best stats possible, even for a short amount of time, then you want to craft a weapon, your chest, and legs or helm. And your cloak. Why cloak? It doesn't count towards the unique 3. Neither does Apexis gear. But Apexis gear only covers wrist, waist, legs, head, hands, and back.

    Consider that Level 3 crafted weapons and Level 3 Apexis gear is equivalent to Highmaul Normal gear (655). So don't replace your cool crafted/apexis gear with Highmaul/BRF LFR gear. Wait till Normal or Heroic and get gear that has better stats anyway. So your concern won't be an issue, given the way gear will be set up.

    So starting out, craft Weapon > Chest > Cloak. Get your Legs > Hands > Wrist/Waist from Apexis. Get your helm from the 10th Anniversary event (essentially, go do the new Molten Core, kill Rag, get a guaranteed 640 ilvl helm). Fill in from there with Heroic Dungeons, then LFR, then just replace gear normally when you hit Heroic. The only exceptions for this are for leather (who value Head over Chest) and for plate (who should do Weapon > Shoulder > Chest > Cloak).


    Most of this info comes from Wowhead, so whatever info info I don't cover here is probably in there. Otherwise, ask questions and I'll find out for you.

    This will be kind of a general overview, since many of the professions are the same. It looks like you'll get a random world drop (seems to be a very high chance) for your existing professions that lets you increase the max skill to 700 and some Draenor recipes - many of which can be crafted at level 1. It will also open up a questline that rewards you with the matching garrison building. But these scroll drops seem to be the only way to open up the Draenor recipes and max skill requirement. Switching professions still requires you to go to a profession trainer.

    There are multiple catch-up mechanics for each profession. One is through crafting with recipes that are available at skill level 1, like Crescent Oil. It looks like these recipes all grant 5 skill ups, but that might only be up to skill level 600. The other catch-up is through broken quest items that can be repaired using various Draenor crafting materials. These do grant 5 skill ups to 600.

    For each profession, you have a small plot garrison building available.
    • Level 1 allows you to craft profession items (whether or not you have the profession) and lets you queue up 7 work orders at a time.
    • Level 2 allows followers with the profession trait to work there, which grants a unique bonus and increases work order yield, and increases your max number of work orders to 14. You will also have access to additional recipes.
    • Level 3 gives access to more work orders (up to 21) and more recipes. However, you must have the profession to be able to craft the max level items (Greater Flasks, Epic gear, etc).

    Each profession has a crafting material that is BoP and will be used in large quantities to craft most everything worth a DARN for that profession. There is also an item called "Secrets of Draenor <profession>" that act as currency tokens to purchase recipes. Each day, you will essentially have 3 CDs to do - Your BoP profession CD, your secrets CD, and adding more work orders.

    There will be a world drop called Primal Spirit that can be traded for either profession BoP items, the Sorcerous materials, and Savage Blood. So far, it looks like the Savage Blood will be the best use of these items, given how easy it is to get the other items by comparison.


    Alchemy appears to be just straight potions and flasks this time around. No new transmutes, and masteries for old content are going away. Kind of a bummer, since transmutes were great, but it looks like they're getting rid of "the shuffle".

    Anyway, with the alchemy plot in your garrison, you can craft all of the new recipes except Greater Flasks (unless you have the profession). I've marked the building level requirement for recipes that have one, and put a P next to recipes that require the profession. Note that nearly every potion requires 1xCrescent Oil and meat, and most of it fish. Lesser flasks require herbs, and greater flasks require the BoP item and lesser flasks.




    There seems to be a good handful of different recipes to create Alchemical Catalyst, and it's hard to tell which ones are available at what times, and which share cooldowns. But it looks like there's a way to switch which herb you use for the research (20x herb + 3x Blackrock Ore).


    The BoP item this time around is Truesteel Ingot. And it doesn't look like they've included a "CD Bypass" skill like you were able to do with Spirits of War in Mists. So only way to get more Ingots is to have 700 BS, do your cd every day (or all three charges every three days), have a follower with the BS trait assigned to your garrison building, and always have your work orders rolling. Based on numbers that I'd seen at one time, this will give you 12 ingots per day (10 from max prof CD, 2 per work order with follower). But the numbers may not stay the same, so I'll update as soon as I know for sure. Numbers did NOT stay the same. I've updated the previous part to reflect the change. Level and quality do not affect output.

    If you have a blacksmithing follower in the garrison building, you can talk to them to get one of two four hour buffs:

    Anyway, with the blacksmithing plot in your garrison, you can craft all of the new recipes except the epic item upgrades (unless you have the profession). I've marked the building level requirement for recipes that have one, and put a P next to recipes that require the profession. Otherwise, assume it can be crafted with a level 1 garrison building. Also, it looks like you'll need a Barn if you're planning on picking up Blacksmithing. Many of the Epic recipes require fur or leather.

    Rare Gear

    Epic Armor




    Cooking is TONS easier than it was in Mists. Essentially, there is a lesser and greater food, where greater requires two stacks of 5 of the lesser foods. Food increases only secondary stats. Skill level dictates how many servings of food you can create. There's a 10 and a 25 player feast that just uses 10x raw meat, and this gives you 75 points in your highest secondary stat. However, the best feast is actually from the Barn Level 2, not from cooking - Savage Feast (+100 stat).

    +75 Stat Food
    Critical Strike Blackrock Ham
    Mastery Braised Riverbeast
    Versatility Clefthoof Sausages
    Mastery Fat Sleeper Cakes
    Multistrike Fiery Calamari
    Critical Strike Grilled Gulper
    Stamina Hearty Elekk Steak
    Haste Pan-Seared Talbuk
    Multistrike Rylak Crepes
    Versatility Skulker Chowder
    Stamina Steamed Scorpion
    Haste Sturgeon Stew

    +100 Stat Food
    Critical Strike Blackrock Barbecue
    Multistrike Calamari Crepes
    Haste Frosty Stew
    Versatility Gorgrond Chowder
    Mastery Sleeper Surprise
    Stamina Talador Surf and Turf


    Enchants increase only secondary stats. MoP and before can't be used on ilvl 600+. Lesser and greater enchants (Breath of/Gift of, respectively), but the greater ones don't require the lessers. Current enchantable slots are cloak, ring, neck, and weapon. Level 2 Ench building with follower allows you to "xmog" your weapon enchant to make the color/particle look like something else.

    Blingtron 5000.

    Fish must be "filleted" into meat and flesh for cooking. Flesh is used for potions and such. Different sized fish, more skill means bigger fish.

    Herbs don't have level requirements, but your yield is lower at lower skill levels.

    New Darkmoon trinkets. Lower level trinkets from "Tarot" cards. Some glyphs are exclusive (typically meaning you can't use multiple glyphs that affect the same ability). Research: Warbinder's Ink lets you discover new glyphs. Card of Omens is kind of the new Mysterious Fortune Card.

    No new meta gem to replace Primal Diamond. No more socket colors, but gems are colored based on the secondary stat they provide. Greater and lesser gems again, where greater just requires way more of the BoP item. Oh, and you need herbs to make gems. Jewelry might actually be worth a STUFF, since there's rare and epic recipes (with a reroll item and upgrade item like Blacksmithing)

    You can make tents that let you rest and give you +10% stats for an hour (BoA). Insc/Leath/Mining bags. Mount. Drums. Same armor upgrade/reroll as BS.

    Same as herbalism.

    Tailoring - New bag (30 slot). Mount. Same armor STUFF.

    Change Log

    10/27 - Alchemy: Lesser flasks no longer require Alchemical Catalyst. Just herbs and a vial. Not sure what else has changed since 9/26, but I will put updates here when I find out.

    10/28 - General: Moved this guide from my guild's forums over here.

    10/29 - Added a bunch of stuff, trying to organize it better.

    10/30 - Moved the TL;DR section up to the top and revamped it.

    10/31 - Added stuff to the Before You Start, Getting Started, and Followers sections

    11/2 - Added pictures. Added FAQ section. Added more to "Before You Start"

    11/3 - Finished revamping the Missions section. Changed some stuff in the intro to the professions section and started working on adding more information for each profession.

    11/4 - Removed Lumber Mill Level 2 from build order and Gantt (Thanks Whytefyre for pointing this out)

    11/6 - Changed gearing suggestions slightly to recommend getting helm from MC rather than crafting. Thanks Zhengism

    11/12 - Updated professions section and made minor wording changes to other sections.
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    Added a bunch of cool stuff. Planning to revamp the Missions section later today and the Professions section tomorrow. Once again, feel free to ask questions about stuff that I didn't cover (or stuff I didn't cover well enough) so I can make sure it gets answered!

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    Awesome info! Thanks for sharing!

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    Created an account because i wanted to say that you're really awesome. Thanks for the guide!!

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    This is going to be incredibly confusing in the beginning (going in blind, without playing the beta), but this guide made it slightly less confusing in terms of what to build.
    So, for that I applaud you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beard View Post
    This is going to be incredibly confusing in the beginning (going in blind, without playing the beta), but this guide made it slightly less confusing in terms of what to build.
    So, for that I applaud you.
    Thanks Beard. Let me know if you have questions and I'll be sure to answer and make note of it in the guide.

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    Great guide, going to help me a lot.

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    Added an FAQ section for questions I've heard or seen asked a lot. Also added some stuff to the "Before You Start" section to expand on my thought process for alt selection.

    Oh, and pictures. More to come later.

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    Very good info. Thanks! So, do you feel that it would be a good idea to speed level while only sending followers to missions and spent some resources on XP potions?

    OT: "If you don't know what it is, it's probably Leatherworking." I lol'ed

    - - - Updated - - -

    Another question. You say that it is better to craft the high budget slot (chest, legs, head) with your profession epics. These slots typically are used for tier pieces at raiding later on. Do you feel these epics would last more if we craft bracers, belt, boots?

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    This guide is looking better and better from its first iteration. Thanks for making this.

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