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    I've read all the guides, and started to get up my alts to unlock the garrisons. What I have is the following;

    Main: Skinning/Tailoring (Salvage yard, tailoring emperoim, and scribe hut)
    Alt 1: Mining/Herb (Enchanting Hut + ?? + ??)
    Alt 2: Scribe/Tailor (Scribe hut + Tailor hut + ??)
    Alt 3: Scribe/Tailor (Scribe hut + tailor hut + ??)
    Alt 4: Scribe/Alch (Alch Hut+scribe hut + ?? )

    Bags/Darkmoon cards are my priority obviously. I'm just wondering if its worth adding like a Forge, JC building, or other things as i have the 3 gathering profs. Or any other advice/input.

    My main has lumber mill/trading post. With my 4 alts having barn till i unlock the lvl 3 barn then will raze my lumber mill for lvl 3 barn.

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    I will put this here since I just discovered this. Long story short I assembled ALL of my 90s garrisons to accrue resources. I now learned the "pile" caps at 500, so once you hit that cap it will stop. 500 by ten minutes, an idle garrison will need to be collected every 3.47 days.

    So those of you with alts with garrisons you should log in to collect your resources.

    Also for the first time to get the lvl 3 workshop blueprints you would need to have two of them working continuously on work orders for 21 days. Personally I'm gonna do that since they are achievement linked it will grant you access to all characters.
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    7 for my garrison gold guide... It's been slated for being a bit... simple ... but it's still worth a read.

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