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    Warlords of Draenor - Lovely Charm Farming

    It's that time of year again where we're farming Lovely Charm for Swift Lovebird.
    In Warlords, there is a new pet and toy to go after as well! True Love Prism and Lovebird Hatchling.

    10x Lovely Charm -> 1x Lovely Charm Bracelet = 1x Love Token

    What can you use Love Token for?

    We will probably not see Patch 6.1 till after "Love in the Air" event is over and Love Token disappear after the event is over. Don't save them if you wanted to use them next year for Heirloom upgrades.

    Below are a few farm spots (by no means are these the only ones out there) that you can use to obtain Lovely Charms quickly. Make sure you have the Lovely Charm Collector's Kit, which you can get from Kwee Q. Peddlefeet located near the Crown Chemical Co.'s camp, found outside of auction houses in each of the major cities.

    Reminder, you can obtain Lovely Charms from any mob that is within a 10 level range from your character.
    If you plan on farming for awhile, I'd recommend not turning your Lovely Charm into Lovely Charm Bracelet, due the fact the bracelets do not stack and Lovely Charms stack up to 40.

    Use the following macro to make bracelets with ease or simply drag a Lovely Charm to one of your action buttons.
    /use Lovely Charm

    Frostfire Ridge

    There is a cave you will go into to pop eggs and kill the mobs that spawn from those eggs. Popping the eggs is easy, simple run over them!
    This is also the location of the rare spawn, Broodmother Reeg'ak. This spot does give Bodyguard reputation.

    Spires of Arak

    This is the location of where Sunderthorn, a rare spawn is. This spot does give Bodyguard reputation.
    Thanks ItsTomrrow for telling me about this spot.

    You will be killing the wasps here which respawn very quickly!


    You will be killing 4 packs of Stoneshard Grubling, these give Bodyguard reputation as well.
    (Thanks "b0ltzzSG" from my stream chat for sharing this.)
    This is also where you can find the rare spawn, Hive Queen Skrikka.


    51, 70



    Shadowmoon Valley

    You will be killing Moonshell Crawler, due to being part of a quest these crabs have a decent respawn rate.

    Squirrel Cave in Gloomshade Grove

    You will be killing 2 packs of Carnivorous Squirrel inside this cave. There's about a 5 second respawn timer after both packs are killed.

    Scarlet Monastery (Heroic)

    There are 6 Pile of Corpses they will have continuous spawns of Zombified Corpse. Simple grab aggro from them by running through the piles and killing off the Scarlet Centurion / Scarlet Flamethrower trash around the piles. Once you've killed the Scarlet trash and the initial Zombified Corpse, more will continue to spawn and run towards you. I recommend moving away from the piles of corpses if you plan on using any AoE abilities to farm these.
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    also get the addon realmhop or cross realm assist, so you can farm faster or avoid over crowding

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    What a thoughtful present, it is a material good, I like it.

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