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    So I know that everything in the PTR is subject to change. However, at the moment, there is a new form of Savage Blood that is set to release with 6.2, namely Felblood. Lore issues aside this item will be needed in vast quantities because it is used in not only the new item upgrades but also in every epic gem.

    Obviously these things will sell like hot cakes, and for a great chuck of gold at first. At the moment it seems they will be obtained from the Barn, though the fact that they are flagged as "refundable" means there may be other ways to obtain them. Still it seems that the best way to spend Garrison Resources will be stocking up on as many Rush Orders as possible for the Barn and cranking out a TON of Work Orders right after 6.2 is released.

    I have personally never been in the position to hit the ground running as soon as new content is released and I have no experience being one of the first to sell something new. So I pose a question. What are the chances that this will be worth the time and preparation?

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    I personally think the Felbloods will be obtainable through Primal Spirit trading.

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