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    How to start on big servers

    Evening all. I have a couple of questions. I am trying to read through info here, but most of it seems stagnant and old, which surprises me because my wife is a big Elvine fan and is the one that told me to come here in the first place. All of the posts and replies seem to be extremely old though, so I was a bit surprised to see that. Maybe I am missing something.

    Anyway, I am one of those odd ducks that have played the game literally since it launched but always had "just enough" wealth to do what I needed to do, but not enough to have any of the cool flashy mounts or anything else. I actually have to work toward gear upgrades and such and the prices keep growing with each and every expansion making it harder and harder. Back in Wrath I was able to stay around 100k gold with the gem market, but never could go any further. Since then I have hovered around 50k never really making any more.

    I am wondering where I should start, with lets say 20k as an investment to play with. One of the key things, and I think this may be the reason I struggle, is I only play on large servers. My two main servers currently are Illidan and Tichondrius. Both of these are massive servers with what appears to be massive players already in the AH with most common markets completely locked down.

    How does one with such a small investment cache compete with those that can literally buy and sell them all day keeping them from doing anything?

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    Pets are a great way to get money on high pop servers, at least from my experience. There are always pets that sell for a ton of money even on high pop realms.

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