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    Legion Stockpiling

    Let's talk about some things to take into consideration to stock up on for the upcoming Pre Patch / Legion expansion!

    **Stock Up at Own Risk, I'm Not Responsible if Something Changes or You Lose Gold!**

    Potion of Luck is being nerfed in the pre patch and turned into a grey item. RIP Mogu farming in Vale of Eternal Blossoms.

    That being said, things like Ghost Iron Ore, Exotic Leather, Windwool Cloth and even the mount obtained through Skyshard (Reins of the Thundering Ruby Cloud Serpent) will be less abundant. Consider picking these up while they are still cheap.

    Not doing your Halfhill farm still? Well, you should be even more now with the nerf to Potion of Luck. Plant Snakeroot Seed for Ghost Iron Ore, Songbell Seed for Mote of Harmony or Enigma Seed for a chance at Golden Lotus. Keep in mind these seeds require Revered with "The Tillers."

    Legion Illusion Tomes
    (Keep in mind, we're still in beta and things can still change / things aren't final.)

    In Legion / Pre Patch enchanters will be able to make 8 Bind of Equip tomes to sell / use. Tome of Illusions: Northrend, Tome of Illusions: Azeroth, Tome of Illusions: Outland, Tome of Illusions: Elemental Lords, Tome of Illusions: Cataclysm, Tome of Illusions: Draenor, Tome of Illusions: Secrets of the Shado-Pan and Tome of Illusions: Pandaria. By hovering over the tomes, you will see they require many old expansion materials to create. Many players will want these for their wardrobe if they want to use these illusions on their weapons or just to collect them all.

    Here's a shopping list for Auctionator. (How to import)

    *** Legion Illusions
    Abyss Crystal
    Dream Shard
    Essence of Fire
    Essence of Undeath
    Essence of Water
    Eternal Water
    Greater Cosmic Essence
    Heavenly Shard
    Imperial Amethyst
    Large Brilliant Shard
    Large Prismatic Shard
    Maelstrom Crystal
    Primal Fire
    Primal Mana
    Primordial Ruby
    River's Heart
    Savage Blood
    Sha Crystal
    Sorcerous Air
    Sorcerous Water
    Sun's Radiance
    Temporal Crystal
    Vermilion Onyx
    Void Crystal
    Volatile Air
    Volatile Earth
    Volatile Fire
    Volatile Life
    Volatile Water
    Wild Jade
    And this is for TSM import.


    Keep in mind Tome of Illusions: Draenor is not pictured.

    Somethings to point out, rare gems from Mist are needed. Remember that ore you got or were stocking up on? You can prospect those for a chance at the rare gems. Then use the uncommon gems to trasmute them with Golden Lotus via an alchemist. (Remember the farm and planting Enigma Seed or Songbell Seed? You can trade Spirit of Harmony at the NPC within your faction hub in Pandaria. Krystel - Alliance | Danky - Horde

    Keep doing your garrison barn for Savage Blood and remember you can trade Primal Spirit x25 for one Savage Blood inside your garrison as well. Tome of Illusions: Draenor uses 15 of them!

    Temporal Crystal are very cheap right now, grab them! Tome of Illusions: Draenor uses 20 of them!

    Sorcerous Air, Sorcerous Fire, Sorcerous Water are VERY cheap and won't break your bank to stock up on these. While Sorcerous Fire isn't used within Tome of Illusions: Draenor, players can use their alchemist to trasmute them into either Sorcerous Air or Sorcerous Water via Alchemical Catalyst.


    Don't forget to do your Sha Crystal daily! Ethereal Shards are usually cheap so this is a profitable thing to do. I'd save them till after Illusions are out to use / resell.

    Large Brilliant Shard can be obtained through disenchanting old PvP gear from AV vendors. Cheapest is 50 Honor Points. Thanthaldis Snowgleam - Alliance | Jorek Ironside - Horde

    If you have extra Void Crystal, use Void Shatter (Honored with Shattered Sun Offensive) to obtain more Large Prismatic Shard(1 Void Crystal = 2 Large Prismatic Shard). Keep in mind, Void Crystal is used within the Illusions, don't shatter all your stock!


    Don't forget, Primordial Ruby, Imperial Amethyst, River's Heart, Sun's Radiance, Vermilion Onyx and Wild Jade can be obtained through prospecting Ghost Iron Ore / Kyparite.


    Mote of Fire x10 = Primal Fire - Incandescent Fel Spark in Hellfire Peninsula
    Mote of Mana x10 = Primal Mana - Unbound Ethereal
    Volatile Water - Muddied Water Elemental
    Essence of Water - Ice Avatar, Purespring Elemental

    Garrison Mission Rewards
    (Purely Speculation)

    Since most if not all gold rewards from the garrison are getting removed / nerfed, players will have no reason to go back. New players will probably not have a fully functional garrison and just want to speed through Warlords content as fast as they can to get to Legion. Keeping that in mind, items from missions rewards should slowly go up in value with the increase of players in the expansion. Items like, Burning Blade, Coalfist Gronnling, Cinder Pup and Autographed Hearthstone Card. The longer you sit on these items, the more they will be worth. I'm sitting on 15 Sky Golem that I purchased at 9k-10k each back at the end of MoP and they are worth 25k+ each now.

    Here's a shopping list for Auctionator. (How to import)
    *** Garrison Mission Rewards
    Autographed Hearthstone Card
    Burning Blade
    Cinder Pup
    Coalfist Gronnling
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