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    My dog dweny

    And my rabbit Brit marie

    And my oldest dog Semla
    Im patience!
    Using chill pills for life<3

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    Kearie's Christmas Card

    She doesn't like being ignored for WoW.

    Snugglin' :3

    All tucked in!

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    These are pics of my little girls, they're sisters. These ones are when they were little they've grown quite abit since so more recent pics to follow soon.

    This is Aoi

    and this is Mei: She actually can't meow or purr. She tries to, she opens her mouth but no noise comes out bless her.

    I use a Desktop to play but when i'm being really lazy i lay in bed with this...I think tho they didn't want me playing games in these pics:

    Ok Aoi's nose looks abit more snotty/sore in this one but they did have cat flu at the time!

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    This was my baby Tigger of whom I lost 4/8/13 due to lymphona. He lived for 13 years an awesome super spoiled life. He tried so hard but was suffering so he had to go to sleep.I miss him so very much.R.I.P, my lil Tigger.
    He loved Christmas especially when I'd wrap presents.He saw the wrapping paper as something to sleep on. He even got a stocking that he'd empty himself.

    Taken in Dec. He was starting to lose weight & this is the last photo I have of him.
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    This is my cat Holly. I got her by accident. Basically when I was about to move out of my parents house at 18 my mom got two cats, Holly and her sister Molly, who were kittens who needed bottle feeding to try to keep me home. It almost worked, but once they were grown up enough that I wasn't needed I moved out. A week later, my mom called and told me I must come get my kittens! Apparently they were monsters without me! Molly has since passed away, 8 and a half years later, Holly is my best friend. Most days.

    Bonus picture of one of my parents four (!!) wiener dogs, Kirby. He's super tiny and is always so sad looking, that he makes my heart melt!

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    Meet Misha!

    Warrior Ench/Eng | DeathKnight Herb/Alch | Shaman Mining/JC | Mage Tailor/Inscription

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    My Puppy Zelda, she is a ridge back x staffy

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    Pic of my doggie Crasher! He was like this one morning waiting for me to wake up lol!

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