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    Glyphs & 1.0 TSM_Crafting

    Recorded via livestream, please excuse rambles between myself and the chat.

    Addons needed for this Tutorial
    TSM Core | TSM_AuctionDB | TSM_Auctioning | TSM_Crafting | TSM_ItemTracker or Altoholic

    All can be found via Curse website.
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    I hope you can help me with this. My Q is: Why does it list my glyphs for under 50g, altought i put in the options that it shall NEVER go under 50g? What am i doing wrong?

    Here is a SS:
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    Quote Originally Posted by ray1892 View Post
    I hope you can help me with this. My Q is: Why does it list my glyphs for under 50g, altought i put in the options that it shall NEVER go under 50g? What am i doing wrong?

    You have to activate "Advanced Price setting" and chose a reset method (Normally "Post at fallback") Then it should not set prices under 50g if that is your threshold and instead post at your set fallback price
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    You haven't accidently done an override in warriors setting have you. Other than that im not sure whats going wrong.

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    Ray, check your group overrides and make sure you are not overriding your category settings within them.

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    Following this guide, and basically copying all of Elvine's settings step for step, but keeping my stock at 1, and simply just checking my auctions 1-3 times a day I was able to avg 5000g my first 4 days posting glyphs, gems, enchants, and some DMF cards. The speed and automation of TSM is perfect for the people who want to just make dat gold without slaving at the ah 24/7

    I HIGHLY recommend spending the 30 mins watching this video, where after doing so and tweaking some settings you will be set up for really any profession.

    I would like to thank elvine once again, because being first a raider, and someone who hates numbers passion, he made it possible for me to be making around 30-40k every week with very minimal effort.

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    Hi, all. at 23.37 in the video where you show how to post auctions faster, i dont have the thingy with "Ignore stacks under/Over" and not the "Common Search Term" either? Can any of you help me with getting those, I got the addons listed under the video, But not those things

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    Make sure you do not have "hide advanced options" checked off under options.

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    Thanks alot, Elvine

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    It was perfectly explained.

    One point that is bugging me out tho is :

    The profit you were talking about, is the cost of the mats vs the cost of the glyph ATM in AH.
    But if a random guy comes and then put the 5 glyphs for 5g each, the profit would be in red now but you already crafted it.

    Am not getting how to use the glyph market properly, but I sure now know how to set up that addon. Could you give more information ?

    My main questions are :

    -How do I know what glyphs to make (I know you explained it in the video but I need more explanation :S)

    -What if most of the glyphs on my server sell for 30g ? Do I put my threshold for 30g or do I keep 50g ?

    -In the video, you didn't talk about buying the mats. I guess you buy herbs and mill em. What maximum price would you pay for a stack of herbs to make ink ? (Assuming your threshold is 50g)

    Nice video man, you explain addons like a boss.

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