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    AWESOME!! Thanx so much for this guide! I was finally able to finish checking this out and I am hooked lol Only problem I have now is ..... what I thought was a big stash of inks is now gone. I see farming in my future lol :P

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    Hey Elvine!
    Just wanted to come in an say thanx! Finally got this sorted and started almost 2 weeks ago and just on glyphs alone sitting 44.5k! Would have been more but bought a handful of guild vendor BoA's So again THANX!!!!!

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    Hello everyone!
    This guide learned me to make gold with glyphs for the first time!
    I made alot of gold thanks too this video! I have been lucky for 2days straight soo far earned 50k ich on only glyphs! I usually earn 2-4k a day! One last thing i would like too say is that even if you are on a high pop server or any server keep reselling instead of getting bored and quit reslling cause you. dont sell many glyphs each day. I been trying to sell glyphs for 1month now and the first 2-3 weeks i sold around 5-10 glyphs a day but now i sell even more cause other sellers got bored and quit! Soo if you dont have scribe lvl it! Appeoved by Me!
    Good luck and Take care!
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    Have you made any changes to this since patch 5.3 if so I would love to see them.

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    Am not sure that you are asking me this but, just in case, the only changes I have made are converting to the new TSM2 )

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