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    [Question] Inscription (glyph) auctioning groups w/ TSM


    I'm brand new to TSM and I am kicking myself for not discovering this amazing tool sooner! I do have a question, and yes I've tried perusing through these forums in an attempt to find the answers...

    I am wondering how other TSM users set their lower price thresholds for glyphs. It's clear that some glyphs are worth more than others for some obvious reasons: approx value (in crafting mats), popularity, supply/demand, and etc...

    I'm thinking that maybe the best way to organize my glyphs are in pricing tiers. I know that on average I can buy these herbs for xx amount and mill them and average xx inks /stack. I then get my lower threshold that I will NEVER sell below.


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    I honestly have the same threshold and fallback for all my glyphs. Recently, I changed my threshold from 50g to 20g, but I still have my crafting options set to only make glyphs with 50g+ profits. Make sure you watch the video in this thread on how to setup everything.

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