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    "Popular" Glyphs

    Please keep in mind these are from Stormreaver US (A) and may be different on other servers. Also, I only make glyphs that have a 50g profit through TSM to sell. There maybe more popular glyphs, just at the time was not within my profit setting for crafting them.

    Sales since Jan 11th, 2013

    Past 5-6 Months of Sales

    Last Update: 2/25/2013

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    Combining Elvines accounting information with GuildOx's new "most used glyph" charts might result in a bigger profit. GuildOx's charts can be found here

    You can chose all classes and specs and both pve and pvp ... I myself found a couple of glyphs that I wasnt selling which I now have added to my routine. Thx for the list btw Elvine

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    **Updated 2/25/2013

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