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    Epic Shoulder Enchant Gold Making (Scribe Only)

    For this guide you will want to be a Scribe. (600 preferably.)

    For the first step you will need to buy/farm Fool's Cap or Green Tea Leaf. I usually buy around 16-32 stacks of either one, or mixed.
    Get to milling, it will take awhile, and Fool's Cap's have a 50% chance to drop Misty Pigment and Green Tea Leaf's have a 25% chance to drop the Misty Pigments.
    After you have milled all of your herbs take your Shadow Pigment and turn it into Ink of Dreams, aswell as turning your Misty Pigment's into Starlight Inks.

    After you have milled all of your herbs and turned them into inks head to the Scribe vendor in Orgrimmar/Stormwind. Exchange all of your Ink of Dreams for Starlight Inks.

    After you have all Starlight Inks, proceed to make the epic shoulder enchants, make the ones that sell the best on your server, but I usually like to make 2-3 of each one, they range anywhere from 200g-350g each. They may take awhile to sell but they will yield a profit in the end, I have made tons of gold from this technique and hope you will too!

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    To make this a bit more profitable, I would say only buy stacks of herbs up to about 25g p/stack.
    If possible on your server.

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    Does anyone have a spreadsheet to check if it worth doing this on my realm? - 48.90g - 56.42g - 34.44g - 35.60g - 20.00g each stack of 20 - 20.04g each stack of 20

    With these prices I don't think I'll get any profit out of this. Since the AH merged with the Alliance, all the prices on Herbs went up crazy.
    I could get Stacks of for 13g each.
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